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Have you outgrown your current ERP or Accounting Solution? Let us help you decide. Inquire now for a Free Assessment.

Need to know what is the Best ERP Solution for your Business?

Have you outgrown your current ERP or Accounting Solution? Let us help you decide. Inquire now for a Free Assessment.

6 Reasons Why You Should Date an Accountant

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

Believe it or not, accountants may just be the best relationship partners you’ll ever have. Here’s why:


1. They are champions of balance
Accountants’ basic training tells them that assets are equal to liabilities plus stockholders’ equity.

They know that an action in one side of an equation will have implications on the other side. If you must acquire additional assets, you have to either borrow money or ask your investors to cough up cash.

Outside of the balance sheet, accountants know too well that living one’s life is a daily balancing act. You have to maintain a delicate equilibrium between many things: your career, family, friends, relationships, and personal growth. You cannot spend too much time one one and neglect the others. You cannot go into extremes.

Your accountant date will always gently remind you to be the perfect, balanced, healthy person you are meant to be.

2. They’ll do heavy number crunching at any occasion — and gladly.

When you’re out shopping and the price tag on a dress you like says 35% off, there is no need to look for a calculator. Your accountant date will tell you the discounted rate at once.

If you’re talking to an insurance agent or stockbroker who launches into a technical, undecipherable litany of your financial options, better bring along your accountant partner. He will lovingly make the complicated simple for you.

When you’re thinking of buying a house or a car and are wondering if your’re getting the better, or worse, end of the deal, worry no more. Your special accountant will ensure that all transactions you enter will be fair and that no one will take advantage of you.

3. They know how to give and take

When there is credit, there is debit. When there is inflow, there is outflow.

Similarly, your special accountant friend knows that there must be giving and taking in a relationship. Never worry that you’ll always be the one making adjustments. Sometimes you may have to, but he will,too, when you need it most. Know that he will always reciprocate a nice gesture, big or small, and will sweep you off your feet. Just as you take his breath away.

4. They know value when they see it

Your accountant partner invests energy, time and resources into your relationship because he perceives it as something of value. He treasures the moments he shares with you because he knows that you add some value into his life, just as he hopes to add value to yours. His hope is that over time, the relationship will only appreciate in value, as you spend more time together, get to know each other, and build memories as you go along.

5. They tell it like it is.

Accountants take comfort in the precision of their discipline. Their figures either add up or they don’t. Their computations are either right or wrong. There is no room for vagueness and ambiguity.

With accountants, you know exactly where you stand and why. You don’t need to waste time second guessing them or trying to spell out something you cannot quite explain. They have little patience for silly games. When they’re upset, they immediately tell you that they are, and why. They do exactly the same thing when they’re happy.

6. Finally, they’ve got your back.

Accountants are generally responsible, dependable people who are committed to what they do. These traits extend to their personal relationships. Partners of accountants enjoy the security that comes from being with a dedicated, responsible person who sees the big picture and yet is attentive to the little details that define a loving, lasting partnership.

Why should you date an accountant, you ask? The question is, why not?