B1 SmartDash

B1 SmartDash – Business Analytics Rapid Deployment Solution

B1 SmartDash is a solution specialized for B1 clients wishing to implement a business intelligence solution at a low cost and within a short amount of time. It has pre-built and pre-configured dashboards and reports to address your most essential reporting needs and is fully integrated with your SAP B1.

What are the Benefits of B1 SmartDash?

• Accelerated deployment to Go Live

• Minimized report development period

• Lower overall cost

• Flexibility for further customization

• Minimize need for specialized SAP skills

• User enablement

What Business Processes are supported by B1 SmartDash?



What does it provide?

Prepacked Dashboards and Webl Reports

The SAP B1 SmartDash has pre-packaged reports but also allows you to create ad hoc sales analysis reports. The following dashboards and sales reports are packaged to help you get started: