A worthy extension

This is the best decision you will make this year.

The SAP Extended Business Program is like membership in an exclusive club.

As a member, your organization is provided access to systems, resources and training. You will work not just with any consultants, but VAR partners – select SAP channel partners, industry leaders from all over the world. By signing up for the program, you will enable your organization to identify and take on every business opportunity – and chart your growth.



What are the benefits of joining the SAP Extended Business Program?

Membership will provide support to your business and present opportunities that will not otherwise be available to your company.

First, there is access. You will enjoy access to portals, receive the SAP newsletter and get invited to conferences.

Education. Members of your team will receive training for sales and pre-sales functions, both at the introductory and mastery levels. They will have to pass tests – a mix of web-based assessment and proctored exams at designated testing centers – before they are certified.

Marketing support. The EBP will allow your company to use its universally recognized logo and work with SAP’s Virtual Agency Partner campaign creator.

Technical support. Members of the EBP will be granted access to Web-based information resources and the SAP Developer Network site.

Aside from these, there will be invitational webcasts, specialized workshops, training and executive summits.


What are the solutions for SMEs under the program?

The SAP Extended Business Program is aimed at small- to medium-scale enterprises with specific business solution needs. They can choose from among four:

SAP Business One is for small businesses who want to streamline their end-to-end operations. They will be able to get instant and complete information and accelerate profitable growth.

SAP Business All-In-One, on the other hand, provides low-risk, affordable options for mid-size companies. These companies, with their unique and evolving requirements, need a business management solution. Aside from the business suite software, it also uses best practices from SAP and service performed by an authorized service partner.

SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio, meanwhile, combines business intelligence and performance management solutions for both small businesses and mid-size companies. Users will be able to perform enterprise reporting, ad hoc analysis, visualization, data integration and data management.

This creates efficiency and visibility across all planning, budgeting, forecasting and consolidation activities – designed to provide you the insight needed to make better decisions across your company with minimal IT support.

Finally, there is SAP Business ByDesign for smaller or fast-growing companies, or for subsidiaries of larger organizations, who will be enabled to run their business with a single cloud-based application.

Business ByDesign is affordable and does away with the requirement of a large and complex IT infrastructure.


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