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The benefits of SAP ECC 6.0

What is SAP ECC 6.0 and what benefits does it provide? Business solutions are a constant work in progress, and in order for us to understand the capabilities of the newer ERP products, it is important for us to trace their evolution.

SAP ECC 6.0 is the most recent version of SAP’s enterprise resource planning software, which in general terms provides end-to-end software support for a business.

By end to end, we mean finance, sales, manufacturing, human resources, sales and distribution, project management and customer relationships.

There is of course an option to develop from scratch one software each, tailor fitted to the needs and demands of a specific business function. While this may be more inexpensive in the short run, the benefits will be limited and aggregating all the information will prove to be a difficult task anew.

Not so for ERP, which is its latest form under SAP is now called SAP ECC 6.0. Aside from the advantages of having individual modules for each aspect of business operations, SAP ECC 6.0 allows for the seamless integration of data across various modules. Thus, any information generated by the sales and distribution module is automatically available and usable by those working in the financial aspect of the company. Likewise, the SAP ECC 6.0 will be able to know the effects of an increase in the price of inputs or a temporary work stoppage on the overall sales and distribution of the company’s products.

SAP ECC 6.0 is short for ERP Central Component, a direct descendant of the mainframe-based SAP R/2 and client server-based SAP R/3. The SAP ECC 6.0, being a more recent development, factors in all the advances made in technology since the introduction of the first ERP brands many years ago.

How is it different? The SAP ECC 6.0 allows for multiple modules in multiple suites, thus enabling the company to focus on the details of each aspect of the business operation. It is much like an umbrella that covers the entire range of established computerized planning programs.

Gone are the days when the module for manufacturing, for instance, was distinct and separate from other modules and one had to do a double step to integrate all these processes.

The most important aspect of SAP ECC 6.0 is that the entire system can grow with the business. It is as dynamic and forward looking, as it includes strategy and business planning which are culled from accurate reports of actual performance.

Indeed, companies would be better off in the long-term with the use of SAP ECC 6.0 because it is a great enabler. Efficiency is boosted, redundancy is reduced if not eliminated, and the quality of management decisions is much improved because all the information about all aspects of the company’s operations are taken together to paint a better picture of the organization.

What lies ahead after SAP ECC 6.0? At this point, people in SAP are already making sure it is much better, but also making sure that it builds on the successes of its predecessors. With SAP, companies can look forward to being more efficient, intelligent and deliberate.


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