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SAP C/4 HANA (formerly known as SAP C4C)

There are numerous types of business in numerous industries across dozens of countries, and all of these are moving fast with the times, but they share a common, constant denominator: The customer.

SAP Cloud for Customers, or SAP C/4 HANA allows companies to reach out to their customers and nurture a long-standing relationship with them. This is achieved through the combinded benefits of:

  • Cloud technology; and
  • SAP’s four decades of leadership in providing global business solutions.

SAP’s expertise in customer relationship management is unparalleled.

  • It enables companies to identify leads and follow through on these leads, letting the entire team track its progress.
  • It connects easily with the other business units of the organization for crucial sharing of information.
  • It generates a profile of customers based on their circumstances, buying habits, potential needs.
  • It aids companies to plan what they should offer the customer next.


Imagine all these, with the additional — nay, exponential — benefit of being in the cloud.

Cloud technology makes everything lighter.

  • There are no more huge costs associated with purchasing the software.
  • No more constant worrying about updates and infrastructure.
  • No more having to stay in a fixed place.

SAP Customer Cloud will then provide the mobility anf flexibility that an on-premise software cannot give. Wherever the user is, he or she can access SAP Cloud for Customer and link up with customers,
or use information about them.

Customer service, along with marketing and sales, is the company’s face before the customer.
SAP Customer Cloud gives you great insight and great engagement; customers potential and existing will no doubt be able
to tell how different their experience is with SAP CRM Cloud for Customer from the others.

Moreover, the August 2016 release of SAP Cloud for Customers allows users to view all visit
activities as well as plot current and future activities for each opportunity.

Indeed, this is technology at work to nurture the time-honored practice of putting the customer first, above all.

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