SAP All in One Project Implementation

Fasttrack Reseller Program

A1 Methodology

Do not leave your SAP software implementation to chance. Matured from thousands of successful
implementations, the ASAP methodology from SAP will save you valuable time and money during each phase of
your project life cycle – minimizing both technical and business risks every step of the way.

A1 Methodology

Maximize Value of Your SAP Investment

  • Faster implementations – with time savings of up to 50%
  • More reliable projects due to use of proven tools and best practices
  • Comprehensive mitigation of technical and business risks throughout the project life cycle
  • Highly efficient use of project resources, resulting in reduced implementation costs
  • Effective project management based on proven industry standards
  • Lower support costs due to faster adoption by end users
  • Rapid resolution of difficult integration
  • Thorough knowledge transfer and end-user acceptance

Our Implementation Methodology will ensure:

  • Company’s Internal project team will be properly trained on the system so they can support the system even long after the support phase.
  • Proper documentation is done on the project.
  • All critical areas of the operation is addressed by the system and that proper testing is done and sign-off completed before go-live.
  • Use of strategic and tactical tools such as SAP Solution Manager and Fasttrack’s Web portal solution to
  • Ensure effective management of client engagement from the Implementation through the Support phase.
  • Optional System Audit to test and determine compliance of SAP system to establish audit standards and procedures.

Consultants Center

  • Believes in empowering you with knowledge and skills to implement SAP All in One
  • Allows you to take full control of your SAP All in One System; Implement at your own time and convenience
  • It’s the first and only product to offer you with offsite implementation capability

Main Functionalities
1. Log-In Page
2. Home Page
3. Inbox
4. Implementation Wizard
a. Pre-Project Planning
b. Blue Print
c. Configuration
d. User Acceptance Training
e. Pre Go Live
f. Go Live Support
5. Account Settings

consultants center