SAP on Cloud

Do more, be more with SAP on Cloud

By itself, SAP software for business is already a remarkable thing in itself. Companies stand to benefit in the long term from the quality software from the company that has been around for more than 40 years, especially when delivered by the most competent partners and consultants.  SAP on cloud brings the benefits one notch higher.

Take for instance the enterprise resource planning software from SAP. It holds business units more tightly together by providing a central repository of information that can be accessed and used by any unit at whatever time. Communication between and among these units are made seamlessly and efficiently because the data is in real time. Customer dissatisfaction and costs are kept down, leading to better management, more productive staff and more profitable business operations.  This is what SAP ERP guarantees its clients.

Imagine then what other gains could be realized when innovation and new technologies are employed alongside the existing powerhouse that is SAP. SAP cloud is the next big step; it is the wave of the future. After all, SAP has prided itself in going with the times. It is how it has successfully taken advantage of opportunities beginning in the 1970s.

Cloud is one of the newer technologies that have emerged in recent years. It basically harnesses the power of the Internet as it eliminates limitations of timing, space and access. SAP on the Cloud enables the manager or decision maker to have access to information not just in the office premises, or without relying on the “IT person” to produce the data needed.

SAP on cloud makes it possible for the manager or executive to get the information at whatever time of day and from wherever he or she is. The complete picture presented by the software is enough to base sound decisions on.

Embracing change with SAP Cloud ERP

But SAP Cloud ERP is not only for purposes of convenience. What it does, first and foremost, is to get a business’ information system ready and able to maximize the benefits of shifting technology. Change, many say, needs time to get adjusted to – not so in business. In a cutthroat business environment, time spent adjusting to change translates to time and opportunity lost, which usually comes with a huge price tag that would drag down the company’s profits.

SAP Cloud ERP recognizes that businesses have to be proactive in anticipating change by analyzing trends and putting together a plan that lays down how business operations should be tweaked for maximum benefit.  Whatever the environment, and however big or small the change may be, business value must be generated for the clients and, in turn, the shareholders.


How is this even possible in this volatile world? SAP in cloud allows businesses to fit new technologies with their existing enterprise solutions swiftly and cost- effectively. This has been done numerous times before in many countries, across dozens of industries, and in enterprises of any size.

Cloud-based SAP enables any business to make the most out of existing information – even an enormous amount of data – using leading business intelligence and in-memory computing tools. So yes, the amount of information held by a company has no other direction to go as the business grows . It expands and expands such that storage and intelligent extraction may not be possible under any other software. But with cloud-based SAP, a company feels confident that however big the amount of data turns out to be, it will be able to process the information and still come out with exhaustive, meaningful results that will enable its executives to make the best decisions and the most deliberate plans.

What is this thing called SAP Business One Cloud?

SAP Business One Cloud is a type of solution that allows a business to revolutionize its operations and enables it to embrace the potentials offered by cloud technology.

This unique offering combines the strength and services quality of three of the best and most respected companies in the software industry – SAP, Fasttrack, and IBM.

SAP is, of course, the software company of choice of numerous businesses throughout the world.  In existence since the early 1970s, SAP has proven that innovation is key to constant growth and continued success even in the most uncertain business environment. Indeed, many things have happened in the past 40 years. Many have come and gone. SAP however is still standing, and continues to be ahead of its game.

Fasttrack Solutions Inc. is the top SAP consulting partner in the Philippines. Years of strong, solid partnership with the software giant has consistently driven Fasttrack to ensure that its competence and dedication to its clients are equal only to the competence and dedication of SAP to the same group of businesses it seeks to empower.

IBM carries with it a brand name of more than 100 years old. The world has benefited from its many inventions – items we take for granted today like the ATM or hard disk. Today, IBM remains a leader in technology and consulting, and the best in hosting infrastructure.

This latest SAP Cloud Offering called One Cloud presents more options for the client with regard to licensing and delivery. Operating on a principle of flexibility and fluidity in an environment of change, One Cloud allows a client to subscribe to the use of – instead of obtaining — a SAP solution, hosted and managed by Fasttrack Solutions. In return, the client pays only a fixed monthly fee, with the agreement in effect for at least three years.

But what does this SAP Cloud Offering provide in the first place?

The list is long. SAP licenses are configured for the customer by the partner. The operating system and database, as designated by the partner, is also included.  There will be support services and application and infrastructure management.

Customers will find that the SAP One Cloud package is beneficial to them for a host of reasons. First, they will not be required to pay cash up front. There is no capex investment  — good for those for whom cash flow may be an issue. As a result, the money that will NOT be spent on tech outlay may be used for core business activities that will directly produce a higher rate of return. These activities may either be in sales/marketing, research and development, manufacturing and others.

Finally, SAP One Cloud does away with the need for clients to build their own solution infrastructure like servers, networking equipment, and even their own IT administration team.

Indeed, SAP One Cloud provides flexibility to businesses as they navigate through unpredictable and sometimes challenging scenarios.