SAP Business Analytics

SAP Business Analytics

SAP Business Analytics


SAP Crystal Reports

Accelerate your Success with Expertise from the Reporting Leader.

  • Make information a key asset for all users
  • Build confidence to make important decisions
  • Stay in control of your information


Business Analytics Suite

Build confidence to make important business decisions!

Innovation Without Disruption

Leverage all of your investments – BW cubes and BEx query design

Transition BEx analyzer users to next gen BI now

Adopt SAP BusinessObjects BI platform at your own pace


Simpler and More Intuitive

Bring advanced analysis to the familiar Microsoft Office experience with new Analysis tools

Boost user adoption with the SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite


Scale and Power

Get immediate response time regardless of data volume

Build pervasive BI applications

Integrate with SAP – monitoring, lifecycle management, search, and user management




Business Analytics RapidMart

Get the right information. Find all your answers. Act faster!


Deliver Rapid Insight

Get the reports you need when and where you need it

Accelerate Business Analytics Deployments

Implement in a matter of weeks not MONTHS!


Reduce Cost

Eliminate the financial impact of decentralized, erroneous and late information

Minimize the need for specialized SAP skills

Downsize Initial Development Efforts


Increase Flexibility

Satisfy your most critical reporting needs

Quickly identify and resolve operational problem

Drill down data to transaction level and play around with your data using Live Office


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